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posted by: Gibsons Garden Hotel on: August 23, 2018

Photo taken by: Fredrik Ohlander
For a town of just over 4000 people, Gibsons, BC is a place of beauty and grandeur, and certainly has no end to its charm! This tiny town boasts their very own music and art community, excellent food, and plenty of outdoorsy activities! Seeing as September in British Columbia is typically warm and fresh, this month we are encouraging visitors to spend their time outside as much as they can, for Gibson’s forests and waters are waiting to be explored!

Mountain Biking:

If you’re the adrenaline-junkie type, then we highly recommend the town’s mountain biking courses! There are two nearby: Sprockids Bike Park in Langdale, and Coast Gravity Park in Sechelt. The first option is child-friendly, and only an 8-minute drive away, featuring a 14-km network of trails for all levels. The second is 29 minutes away, but offers 12 downhill trails built for all different skill levels by world-renowned trail riders, with a shuttle system in place to get back to riding sooner! However, one thing to be wary of it that Coast Gravity Park is only open on weekends in the fall and winter, so we advise booking in advance! Bikes are also available for rent in Gibsons and in Sechelt if you’ve forgotten your own at home.

Fishing Tours:

Many Canadians have had the pleasure of going fishing with their grandfather or father at one point in their life - in fact, this is what originally brought wealth to our country, and still does today! In Gibsons, the water (and therefore the fish), are among the freshest in the world. If you’ve ever wanted to experience this characteristically Canadian activity, or even if you’d like to indulge again for nostalgic reasons, then we highly recommend the BC Fishing Charters! Their tour guides are experienced fishermen who will guide you to the best spots, and teach you everything you need to know to catch the perfect fish. This activity is also very inclusive - all ages can enjoy it, and there is no need for any previous experience! It is advisable to book ahead of time since spots can fill up quickly despite the Charters being open seven days a week.

Whale Watching Tours:

In BC, we are also lucky enough to be a home to many species of whales - most commonly humpbacks and orcas. In Gibsons, our favourite tour is done by Discovery West adventures, who also offer scuba-diving lessons, island tours, and sunset tours. During this 6-hour whale-watching tour, it is also common to encounter dolphins and various birds. But don’t worry - lunch, snacks, and beverages will, of course, be provided. What a treat!
If you’re thinking about visiting Vancouver Island this September, we would be thrilled to host you and your family at our beautiful Gibsons Garden Hotel. With our luxurious indoor pool, dry sauna, state-of-the-art garden courtyard, and amazing staff, we are confident our hotel will give you the most relaxing stay on the island. We wish you a happy stay on the Sunshine Coast!

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