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posted by: Gibsons Garden Hotel on: October 24, 2018

Photo by: Annie Spratt


Gibsons is a small town off British Columbia’s beautiful sunshine coast.


There’s a small town vibe you can get from mainland villages; then there’s the coastline small-town vibe you get from towns like Gibsons.  There is something about Canadian towns that have a humble, but lively characteristics. Gibsons is no exception. Explore Gibsons’ version of the staples of any town; your guide right here.

Spirit of the Holidays

There is no greater way to understand the spirit of a town than seeing how they celebrate the winter holidays.  Take a peek into how Gibsons celebrates by going to the Deck the Halls Christmas Craft Fair.  The local arts centre is opening its doors on November 17 and November 18 for everyone to check out local crafts. This is the perfect place to scout out that next quirky gift for your loved ones. And even if you don’t end up picking up a gift, you’ll be sure to walk away with ideas!


Annual events like these are a solid look into the small-town culture. However, true culture comes from long-standing establishments like the following two places highlighted below.

Drift Cafe & Bistro

The Drift Cafe & Bistro seems to be a fairly staple go-to place for many folks.  Formerly known as The Nova Kitchen, this updated bistro still carries the character of times past.  The updated menus now represent the kind of meals you want to be eating during the colder months. Usual hours are 9AM - 9PM, with a 3-hour closure for at 2PM.  Their weekends land on Wednesdays and Thursdays, so keep that in mind. Otherwise, enjoy!

A Taste of History

Now that you’ve indulged in the sense of taste. It’s time to feed your eyes on the history of the sunshine coast. A lot of cultures comes from things done in the past, i.e., tradition.  The best place to find remnants of tradition would be the local museum: The Sunshine Coast Museum.  Their collections mainly consist of an early stage of development of the area. The development itself is fascinating in itself: how do you take a rocky, forest-ridden, coastline and build it into a functioning town?




While all of the above is located right along the coast of Gibsons, it may not be the ideal place to find accommodations.  Accommodations should be closer and more accessible to other things like grocery stores, city centres, and shopping malls. Do not fret, the Gibsons Garden Hotel is exactly that.  It’s a wonder that you’d even leave the hotel building given that there’s a dry sauna, an indoor pool, and of course, a garden courtyard.

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